Mountain pass crash reminder to watch for snow removal equipment
Feb 08,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

A Portland driver was lucky to escape injury Thursday when his SUV, traveling too fast for highway conditions, crashed into the back of an ODOT grader removing snow from the highway about 20 miles east of Detroit, Oregon.

The driver of this SUV escaped injury, but the crash serves as a reminder for drivers to watch for snow removal equipment while driving through mountain passes. - OSP photo 
The crash is an example of why drivers need to slow down and remember ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) and other emergency personnel are working along several highways during these severe winter conditions.

According to Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Doug Brown, the Chevrolet Suburban was traveling east on Highway 22E near milepost 70 about 10 a.m., February 7, when it collided with the grader.

Brown said the grader was traveling less than 30 mph with the vehicle’s yellow lights flashing when the unidentified driver crashed into it.

The estimated speed of the SUV was 43 mph, and the driver, who was subsequently cited for careless driving, was unable to stop in time.

One lane of the highway was blocked for about an hour, OSP said.

“ODOT and OSP consider this an example of the importance to drive ‘to the conditions and other traffic that may be present’ along our highways. ODOT equipment, including graders and snowplows, are working hard to keep the highways drivable and safe to travel on.”