Ex-SEAL charged for weapons cache
Feb 11,2008 00:00 by UPI

NORFOLK, Va. - A federal grand jury has indicted a former U.S. Navy SEAL who was allegedly found with a cache of explosives and steroids in Virginia, a published report said.

The grand jury in Norfolk, Va., determined there's enough evidence for Elbert Tillman Jr., 35, to stand trial on charges he had firearms and explosives while using illegal drugs, the (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press reported.

Tillman was also charged with illegally storing explosive material and possessing guns that weren't registered to him, the newspaper said.

If convicted, Tillman faces a maximum sentence of 32 years in prison.

Police said Tillman was arrested after authorities found anabolic steroids, 21 rifles and handguns and explosive materials -- including C-4 plastic explosives, a Claymore antipersonnel mine, incendiary grenades, a detonation cord and blasting caps.

The Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's office said it would not press charges since the federal government is prosecuting the case.

"It doesn't make sense for both sovereigns to pursue the same charges," said Tillman's attorney, Sonny Stallings. "Technically they can do it, but I haven't seen it done in 30 years. It's just one less deal we have to worry about. The federal charges are certainly serious enough to worry about."

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