Barge setting up Miami boat show sinks
Feb 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
MIAMI -- A barge carrying a crane used to set up docks for the Miami Yacht & Brokerage show sank Tuesday morning, blocking a waterway to big boats.

The 120-foot barge, owned by BK Marine, was sitting on the bottom with the crane still in place Tuesday afternoon. Matt Woonton, a spokesman for the owner, said the heavy equipment on board would be transferred to another barge and water pumped out so it could be raised.

While small boats could maneuver around the barge, larger ones were unable to get through. Mark Hatchard, owner of Sunseeker boats, said his star vessel, a 120-foot cruiser selling for $20 million, would have to wait to get to the show dock until the barge is gone.

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