New twist on drive-thru bank
Feb 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- An elderly man drove his car into the front of a Lake Oswego, Oregon, bank, but there were no serious injuries.

Vincent Lowenberg, 81, said he drove his car into the front of the US Bank location after his foot became wedged between the accelerator and brake pedals of his Nissan Altima, the Lake Oswego Review reported Tuesday.

"My foot got stuck and it wouldn't come off," he after the collision.

He said he hit the bank after swerving to avoid another car.

Bank manager Patty Zimmerman said one banker sustained a minor injury when a desk collapsed, but no one was seriously hurt.

"I heard a loud noise," she said of the incident. "He just kept accelerating."

Lake Oswego Police Capt. Don Forman said Lowenberg did not receive a citation for the incident but indicated he may be re-tested by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether he is fit to continue driving.

Lowenberg said that no matter what, he's through with the Nissan.

"I'm trading this in for a Cadillac," he said.

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