May 21,2006 00:00 by Kelly Long

Recently, my beautiful seven year old daughter informed me of the perfect man she had uncovered for me, the only complication, it's actor and activist Viggo Mortensen.  Now, I confess to my lack of enthusiasm over this revelation for I am not a lover of movies but I am a devotee and follower of the abominable atrocities in Iraq, which led me to his t-shirt "NO BLOOD FOR OIL."

As I behold the ever rising gas prices, I realize the truth behind this statement and the implications it holds for numerous politicians today.  Is it's importance worth adulterating our troops and ensuring more fatalities for our already broken nation?  The money made from crude has secured position and prestige for some, but to most it embodies weakness of spirit for veering onto a roadway of which we cannot escape or turn from the trenches now swelling from the blood-shed of the innocent sacrifices we have sent.

Our distraction of Iraq has cheated the survivors of September 11th from releasing themselves and there families from days and hours of agonizing tortures fo the man responsible for depriving them of being with there loved ones and fearing he has been victorious in this never ending campaign.

I became compelled to pursue The Declaration of Independence for explanations of our involvement in this disastrous attack of a nation, who at the time, had not provoked and did not warrant this man hunt for justice.  I became addled and comatose reading about usurpations and abolishment of places and affairs from the past but after several moments deciphering, my gaze transfixed on one sentence eloquently writtin:

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People, to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, layings its foundation on such principals and organizing its powers, in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect there safety and happiness."

Essentially, we the people have the right and necessity to stop hindering our daily lives by not speaking up and out for the usurpations created by our elected officials.  These are civil servants who act as our voices, voting on crucial amendments that effect our vitality and providence in our great nation.

We have been taught a valuable lesson from the past, let us appreciate and prepare for our next election, pleading for prudence and particularity from our next future captains that they may have decisively more intelligence that the present reign.  Hope, can after all, rise as the rain descends, cleansing us of this distrustful and destructive regiment of leaders.

As for Mr. Mortensen, he should continue to be valiant in his efforts to vocalize his beliefs without rebuke from people to apprehensive or indifferent to do so and to remember a seven year old girl believes with all her heart he is the most handsome and undoubtedly the best horse back rider....ever.