Nightclub's drivers license scanning nixed
Feb 21,2008 00:00 by UPI
CALGARY, Alberta -- A Calgary, Alberta, nightclub owner has been ordered to stop scanning patrons' drivers licenses as a security measure, the Calgary Herald reported.

Despite praise and encouragement from city police, Alberta Privacy Commissioner Frank Work said the practice at Paul Vickers' Penny Lane Entertainment group had to stop, as there was no evidence the data collection served "as a deterrent to violent behavior."

He also ordered all data collected be destroyed, the Herald said.

Vickers installed the SecureClub scanning system at three clubs he owned in Calgary in 2002, along with surveillance cameras and airport-style metal detectors, the report said.

Vickers, who owns 14 clubs in three provinces, has 50 days to appeal Wednesday's ruling.

"We now have zero cases of the use of the date-rape drug," he told the newspaper. "We have no purse snatches any more. The scanning system has contributed to reduced criminal acts throughout all of our venues."

Calgary Police spokesman Kevin Brookwell said the force endorsed the scanning.

"We thought it was a great idea and it has been helpful to us in a number of investigations," he said.

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