Fitness Forum: Towel is all that's needed to strengthen shoulder
Feb 22,2008 00:00 by CNS

The moves: Performing a shoulder internal rotation stretch using a towel for assistance.

SHOULDER STRENGTH - To help stretch the rotator-cuff muscles, firefighter Jeff Akens performs a shoulder rotation using a towel or strap. CNS Photo by Michael Franklin. 

Works on: Stretching the rotator-cuff muscles of the shoulder.

Precautions: This stretch can be uncomfortable, so don't push it. Keep the torso upright and don't bend forward at the waist.

Setup: Can be performed sitting or standing. You will need a towel or strap.

Steps: Hold the towel in the right hand and drop it over the right shoulder so it falls down your back. Bend the right elbow to 90 degrees and point it toward the sky. Grasp the towel with the left hand at the height of the low back. The palm of the left hand should face away from the spine. Push toward the sky with the right hand to pull the left hand up the back until a shoulder stretch is felt. Pause, release and repeat.

Repetitions: Three to five times holding for 30-60 seconds.