GOP operative: Rove wanted dirt
Feb 22,2008 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - A Republican "opposition researcher" told CBS former White House aide Karl Rove asked her in 2001 to get compromising pictures of Alabama's Democratic governor.

In an interview with "60 Minutes," Jill Simpson suggested there was a campaign to discredit Don Siegelman, the governor at the time who was eventually convicted of bribery. The case against him has been criticized by Democratic and Republican prosecutors across the country.

"I haven't seen a case with this many red flags on it that pointed towards a real injustice being done," Grant Woods, a former Arizona attorney general of Arizona and a Republican, told "60 Minutes." "I personally believe that what happened here is that they targeted Don Siegelman because they could not beat him fair and square."

Simpson said she was unable to find any evidence that Simpson was engaging in extramartical affairs. She decided to go public with Rove's 2001 request because she also is bothered by the conviction.

Siegelman held all four of Alabama's top elective state offices. Rove refused to talk to CBS but has denied any effort to go after Siegelman.

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