EU discusses Kosovo security force
Feb 22,2008 00:00 by UPI

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - European Union defense ministers Friday discussed a possible security force in Kosovo and ways to keep this week's clashes from spreading.

Of particular interest also to the ministers, holding a two-day, informal session in Slovenia, were Bosnia and Herzegovina where some Serbs in Republika Srpska are reported to be demanding a break-away from the federation. Republika Srpska is one of two political entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is made up of Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats.

"We want to set up a unit in charge of protecting Kosovo," said Franz Josef Jung, Germany's defense chief. "We want to create a Kosovo security force which would allow it to assure its own security,"

Because of violent activities by Serbs in northern Kosovo and Serbian border crossings this week, NATO-led peacekeepers must remain in the region, he said.

Meanwhile, the United States and the United Nations have strongly criticized Serbian attacks on the American embassy in Belgrade which followed a massive rally Thursday protesting Kosovo's break from Serbia.

The incident involved around 1,000 protesters who broke into the embassy while throwing flares through a window and setting part of it on fire. An unidentified body was found inside.

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