Sweets company scoops up polar bear's name
Feb 25,2008 00:00 by UPI

NUREMBURG, Germany - A zoo in Nuremburg, Germany, has asked a court to remove the trademark from "Flocke the polar bear," a product name registered by a sweets manufacturer.

The Bavarian candy maker registered the names Flocke, Flocke the polar bear and Flocke the polar bear cub, just five days before the city of Nuremburg planned to announce it had chosen the name for a polar bear cub born at its zoo, The Telegraph reported.

"We didn't want a fight," said Werner Schubert, who works for the Fair Field sweets company in Kempten. "We just found the name very pretty."

Fair Field planned to use the name for a range of confections, and it had "never had anything to do with polar bears," said Schubert.

But the city authorities were not convinced.

The dispute between the sweet firm and the city will get a court hearing March 7, but a judge has urged both sides to resolve the situation before then.

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