Clinton camp frustrated, placing blame
Feb 26,2008 00:00 by UPI
CLEVELAND -- Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy going into Tuesday's debate in Cleveland against Barack Obama is to focus solely on her opponent's record, aides say.

Frustrated by failed efforts to counter Obama's surge heading into next week's Democratic primaries in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont, the Clinton campaign has begun finger-pointing to assign blame for her slip in the polls, The Politico reported Tuesday.

Communications chief Howard Wolfson blamed media Monday, alleging news outlets praise the Obama, a U.S. senator for Illinois, when he criticizes Clinton, D-N.Y., but treat Clinton critically when she draws differences with him.

Clinton aides also voiced irritation about being accused of circulating a photograph of Obama in traditional African dress during a visit to Kenya. Clinton denied responsibility.

Some Clinton supporters also expressed frustration at Clinton herself. They said her comments meant to be funny or show spark come off as waspish, The Politico said.

What will Clinton do during the debate at Cleveland State University?

"She's going to challenge in a healthy, successful way," Wolfson said. "Voters will see that she's the right person to be commander in chief, the right person to manage the economy and the right person to beat John McCain."

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