Gates: U.S.-India link not tied to China
Feb 27,2008 00:00 by UPI
NEW DELHI -- U.S. efforts to boost military ties with India aren't part of a strategy against China, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

"I don't see our improving military relationship in this region in the context of any other country, including China," Gates said during a briefing Wednesday in New Delhi.

Gates said discussions between U.S. and Indian military leaders were on issues of working together to combat piracy, terrorism and providing disaster relief, the Financial Times reported.

The expanded ties "are a set of bilateral relationships that are aimed at improving our coordination and the closeness of our relationships for a variety of reasons," Gates said.

Gates arrived in India after visiting Indonesia, where he offered the country's military assistance with modernizing its program. He also visited Canberra, Australia, amid concerns that Australia's growing economic dependency on China could complicate its security relations with the United States, the newspaper said.

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