Oregon man arrested for hurling firewood through ‘speeding’ truck’s window
Feb 27,2008 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

MILWAUKIE, Ore. -- A 40-year old Oregon man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly heaved a large chunk of firewood through the window of a truck passing through his neighborhood, injuring the passenger and driver, whom he claims were speeding.

William Walter Wiley (left); the chunk of firewood thrown shattered the drivers' window and allegedly caused minor injury to both truck occupants (right) - CCSO photos

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Detective Jim Strovink said William Walter Wiley was reportedly “enraged” over what he perceived as a speeding vehicle near SE Hollywood and SE Maple Street in Milwaukie. Witnesses said Wiley ran up to the side of the truck yelling at the driver, Christopher Neal, to slow down.

While Neal claims that Wiley hurled the firewood through the window, shattering the glass, and causing an injury to the driver’s collarbone and to the passenger’s fingers without warning or provocation; Wiley insisted that the moving truck brushed his pants leg which prompted his reaction, Strovink said. Another discrepancy between the statements made by the victim and suspect is the speed at which the truck was traveling: Neal estimated he was going 20-mph, and Wiley at "at least 25-mph".

Wiley was taken into custody and transported to the Clackamas County Jail where he was cited and released for two counts of fourth-degree assault and a single count of second-degree criminal mischief.

The driver complained of pain at the scene, the detective said, and his passenger/brother, Charles Neal, suffered cuts from shards of the broken window glass.

Wiley is scheduled to appear in circuit court on March 20.