Fitness Forum: Exercise will build core and shoulder strength
Feb 29,2008 00:00 by CNS

The moves: Performing a side bend while in a side plank position.

GOING TO THE CORE - To help increase core and shoulder strength and stability, firefighter Jay Albrandt assumes the side plank position with his feet stacked and dips his hips toward the floor until a slight stretch is felt. CNS Photo by Michael Franklin. 

Works on: Core strength, shoulder strength and stability.

Level: Advanced.

Precautions: Do not attempt this exercise if you have a shoulder or wrist injury that limits weight-bearing through the joint.

Setup: Use a mat for comfort and sit down on it with both legs to one side of you (one on top of the other). Come up to a side plank position and hold. The feet should be stacked one on the other with only the sides touching.

Steps: From the side plank position, allow the hips to dip toward the floor until a slight stretch is felt on the downside of the trunk. Slowly return to the straight side plank posture.

Repetitions: Quality is important. Perform this exercise for time rather than repetitions. Start with 15 to 30 seconds with one or two repetitions. Progress to one minute with repetitions as tolerated.

Options: Support yourself with the forearm instead if this exercise causes wrist pain.

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