Home Zone: Get a grip on shredding paper
Feb 29,2008 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

It just keeps coming and coming and you are sick of it.

It's all that junk mail that arrives in your mailbox every day and those unwanted receipts that gather in your wallet. Then there are those financial records.


ZISZOR! - Get a grip on shredding paper with the new Ziszor! CNS Photo courtesy of Ziszor!  

RAIN GAUGE - If you don't want to go outside in the dark to check on the rainfall, try the Illuminated Rain Gauge from Garner Industries. CNS Photo courtesy of Garner Industries. 

You know you have to get rid of it all to protect your identity.

But how?

How about the Ziszor!, the first premium, hand-held paper shredder to balance security with ease of use and portability.

Sort your mail at the kitchen countertop, home office, living room table, family room, on your bed or elsewhere, say on the road for business?

Not a problem.

Just 10 inches long and less than 1 1/2 pounds, the Ziszor! quickly shreds paper with its 28 compact, razor-sharp metal teeth. The waste is then collected in an attached, disposable plastic bag.

A sleek, glossy silver and red accented device, the Ziszor! fits perfectly into your hand and is a breeze to use. Simply insert any folded paper (up to five sheets) into the Ziszor!'s slot, press the trigger button and completely shredded pieces drop into the bag.

The Ziszor! is made of high-impact plastic that cleans with a damp cloth and mild soap, and is operated by four AA batteries.

The Ziszor! retails for $50, including batteries and three catchall bags. However, there are introductory discounts widely available online. Replacement bags cost about $3 for a box of 30, which should last over two months in the average household.

Not sure what needs shredding? Here's a look at paperwork containing sensitive, personal information that routinely needs shredding:

- Utility bills

- Health care documents

- Credit card statements

- Preapproved credit offers

- Pay stubs

- Investment (banking) transactions

- All mail, even photos, you don't want others to see

For more information, visit www.ziszor.com.


It's pouring down rain, and it's dark, and you are curious just how much rain has poured down. But, who wants to go outside and check?

The centuries-old rain gauge is getting a bit of a technological makeover to help you with just this.

Garner Industries, a leading manufacturer of home and garden products, has launched the EZ Read Illuminated Rain Gauge.

While it still works like an old-fashioned rain gauge, this product ups the ante.

The Illuminated Rain Gauge sports three LED bulbs positioned to light up the inside and outside of the water column for easy reading in dark conditions.

Powered by two AAA batteries, it works with any infrared remote control in the house. Simply point the remote at the gauge from as far as 30 feet away and hold down the power or volume control. The gauge will light up and automatically shut off after five seconds.

The rust-free gauge can be mounted in the ground on a decorative stake or placed on a fence. It comes with a high visibility float and is precisely calibrated with brightly visible markings and water magnification for easy reading of rainfall totals.

The Illuminated Rain Gauge retails for $25. For more information, call 800-228-0275 or visit www.ledraingauge.com.

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