Report: Israelis stop nuclear power attack
Feb 29,2008 00:00 by UPI

DIMONA , Israel - Security officers stopped a suspected terrorist attack on the Dimona nuclear reactor in Israel, a report said.

Officials apprehended a senior worker at the reactor plant after they discovered an alleged plan to blow up one of the facility's ovens, The Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

The worker, known only as Moshe, is also reportedly suspected of giving confidential information about the plant to foreign sources.

Moshe's family thought he was participating in covert training activities abroad and was not aware of his arrest, the newspaper said.

The Post said Moshe may be indicted soon in an Israeli court and that his case is more extreme than that of Mordehai Vanunu, who was imprisoned for nuclear whistle-blowing in 1986, the report said.

A security official told Israel Radio that the report was "totally unfounded."

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