Secret Cold War bunker opened in Germany
Feb 29,2008 00:00 by UPI

AHRWEILER, Germany - A secret nuclear bunker used in West Germany during the Cold War has been opened to the public.

The entrance to the Government Documentation Center, near the town Ahrweiler, is marked by a 30-foot high concrete wall in the forest of the Ahr Valley, Deutsche Welle reported.

"The bunker was a part of the system of nuclear threats on both sides. And our children don't even know what the Cold War means, so I think it is important to keep them informed and let them see this for themselves," said Federal Authority for Construction and Urban Planning President Florian Mausbach.

Almost 220 yards of the 12-mile underground bunker has been furnished to replicate its original appearance for the museum, the report said.

A room is reportedly filled with body suits, oxygen tanks and gas masks to remind visitors of the nuclear threats in Europe during the Cold War.

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