Former Chicago alderman jailed
Mar 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Authorities in Alabama have filed criminal trespassing charges against former Chicago alderman and civil rights activist Dorothy Tillman.

Tillman spent more than an hour in a Montgomery jail Sunday after she was arrested following a confrontation with officials at Jackson County Hospital, The Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

Tillman had taken her 86-year-old aunt to the emergency room at Jackson County and wanted her aunt's medical records so she could transfer her to another hospital.

Jackson County officials refused to give Tillman the records without a written request but Tillman wouldn't leave so hospital security called police.

Officials with the Montgomery police and the hospital described Tillman's behavior as "very disorderly," the Tribune said.

Tillman said arresting officers put her in "leg chains and shackles."

She is scheduled to appear in a Montgomery court March 31.

Tillman was in Alabama to attend the funeral of Johnnie Carr, who joined his childhood friend Rosa Parks during the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott.

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