Ex-cop gives drug-selling advice
Mar 04,2008 00:00 by UPI

DALLAS - A former Texas narcotics officer advises people on how to buy and sell marijuana without getting busted, in his book, "Never Get Raided."

Barry Cooper, 38, an ex-cop who is widely known for reversing his stance on the war against drugs, released his second book Monday on how to break anti-drug laws without being caught, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Police greeted the December 2006 release of Cooper's first book, "Never Get Busted Again," with sarcasm, the newspaper said. But they are taking the second book -- which gives tips on recognizing undercover officers -- more seriously.

"It puts all kinds of operations at risk, even on homeland security issues," said Richard Dickson, who worked with Cooper on the West Texas Permian Basin Drug Task Force during the 1990s.

Cooper reportedly plans to produce a TV reality show that will feature people will getting drunk and high to prove smoking marijuana is safer than drinking alcohol.

Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted Again, Vol

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