Rape video posted on YouTube
Mar 05,2008 00:00 by UPI
LONDON -- A video made with a cell phone that showed a young mother allegedly being sexually assaulted while her children watched was posted on YouTube.

By the time YouTube removed the clip, 600 people had viewed it, The Times of London reported.

The woman called the clip "an abomination."

"I was raped on film and you could hear my daughter and 4-year-old son crying," she said. "I cannot understand how any Web site could show such a thing."

A YouTube spokesman said that the site removes clips with inappropriate content quickly once someone complains. He said that the company disables the accounts of people who repeatedly post content that violates its bans on pornography and gratuitous violence.

A source told The Times that about 10 hours of video are posted every minute.

The mother said that a neighbor she trusted brought a group of teenagers to her home. She said she opened a bottle of wine, and someone spiked her drink.

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