Students walk out of Calif. school
Mar 06,2008 00:00 by UPI

ALAMEDA, Calif. - Hundreds of students walked out of class at Alameda (Calif.) High School Wednesday, protesting the school board's axing of sports programs.

The chanting and sign-waving students ended their walk-out with a rally inside the school's auditorium.

"It's going to affect our entire school, not just the students who play,'' 14-year-old freshman football player Ahmad Shaghasi told the Alameda Times-Star. ''The board is making decisions that will make us suffer. It affects our future.''

The school board is facing a $4.5 million budget gap. In addition to the $265,000 in sports program cuts, the board decided to put a $120 residential parcel tax that would expire after four years on the June ballot.

The board backed off of an initial proposal to cut out all sports spending, totaling $465,000.

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