Oregon Customers Going ‘big ticket’ with Canadian Whiskey Purchases
Dec 15,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

More Oregonians are reaching for the top shelf when buying Canadian whiskey, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

During the past year, Seagram’s Crown Royal topped the 750ml category with sales of 283,272 bottles at $25.95 each, followed at a distant second by Black Velvet, with sales of 189,736 bottles at $10.65 each. That’s a difference of 93,536 bottles or about 49 percent for the Seagram’s product which comes in a crown-shaped bottle dressed in a royal purple bag.

It’s not surprising to OLCC liquor buyer Jim Dodge, who says 750ml Crown Royal sales have jumped dramatically in the last five to seven years.

“Customers are buying higher end distilled spirits products and this is certainly the case with Crown Royal,” he explained. “We had an 11 percent growth rate in the last year over the previous 12 months.  Sales of 1.75 liter bottles jumped 22 percent during the same period.”

Other top-sellers are: MacNaughton’s, 127,194 bottles; Pendleton, 122,283; and Canadian Rich and Rare, 91,585.

The top sellers the in bar- and restaurant-sized 1.75 liter bottles are: Black Velvet, 178,715 bottles; Monarch, 144,625; MacNaughton’s, 102,176; Canadian Mist, 88,847; and Canadian Rich and Rare, 54,392.  During the last 12 months, 26,966 1.75 L bottles of Crown Royal were sold.