Alabama prohibits sale of most beers
Mar 10,2008 00:00 by UPI
MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Seventy-five years after Prohibition some Alabama residents are trying to overturn laws prohibiting home brewing and the sale of high-alcohol beer.

A 750-member group called Free the Hops has introduced legislation to legalize home brewing and permit the sale of beers with an alcohol content of up to 13.9 percent by volume, The Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

Currently whole categories of beer can't be sold in Alabama because state law prohibits any beer with more than 6 percent alcohol content. says that law puts 85 of the 100 top-rated beers in the world off-limits for Alabama residents.

Forbidden brews include dark Russian stouts, Scottish ales and the legendary beers made by Belgium's Trappist monks.

Opponents of allowing higher alcohol content beer cite practical as well as theological reasons.

The Rev. Dan Ireland of the group Alabama's Moral Compass has warned lawmakers that allowing high-alcohol beer in the state will make it easier for teenagers to get drunk.

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