Civilian Life-Saving Awards Presented to Four Deschutes County Men
Dec 15,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Deschutes County Search and Rescue Unit, Sergeant Brook Van der Zweip, and Civil Technician Rebecca Brown receive other prestigious awards.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce the awards received from the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association along with the Civil Command Council, Enforcement Command Council, Jail Command Council and the Search and Rescue Advisory Council, which held joint conferences including an Awards Banquet in Bend, Oregon, December 10-14, 2006.

Civilian Life-Saving Awards were presented to Deschutes County residents:  Jeremy Ast, Jeremy Storton, Geoff Kinneman and Jay Rettig.  Their actions on March 10, 2006 saved the life of a motor vehicle accident victim when his car exploded into flames.  These individuals selflessly placed themselves in significant danger to assist Deputy Kevin Turpen in removing the driver from his vehicle as the front end of the vehicle was fully involved in flames.

The danger was real and easily perceived by all involved in saving the driver.  All these citizens went far beyond the call and are well-deserving of this distinguished award.  Deputy Kevin Turpen received the Deputy Sheriff Life-Saving Award last summer from the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association for his heroic acts in saving the life of the motor vehicle accident victim. 

In addition, the Deschutes County Search and Rescue unit received the Volunteer of the Year Award for their outstanding service to Deschutes County.  In 2005, they performed over 139 search missions.  These missions included missing persons, injured persons that needed to be evacuated from remotes areas, river rescue and recovery, and working with Deschutes County residents during the devastating wildfires in the summer of 2006.   This unit continues to be one of the busiest and best trained in the State of Oregon.  The unit consists of 77 active volunteers who provide many hours to the Sheriff’s Office and community each year.

Sergeant Brook Van der Zweip of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office received the Supervisor of the Year from the Jail Command Council.  He was awarded for his outstanding leadership and dedication to the Deschutes County Adult Jail.   Sergeant Van der Zweip has been with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office for 11 years starting as a Corrections Officer.  In January 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant.  He is a valued member of the Sheriff’s Office.

Civil Technician Rebecca Brown received the President’s Award from the Oregon Sheriffs Civil Command Council, Executive Committee, for her assistance in developing the new Civil Manual that is utilized by all Oregon Sheriff’s offices.  Technician Brown has been with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office for over 9 years.  We are proud to have Rebecca selected for this prestigious award.