Coalition forces kill five terror suspects
Mar 11,2008 00:00 by UPI

BAGHDAD - Coalition forces killed five terror suspects and captured 19 more during fighting in central Iraq, military officials said Monday.

The mission, according to officials, targeted an alleged al-Qaida member who facilitated the entry of foreign fighters into Iraq, as well as explosive material for constructing roadside bombs.

U.S. and Iraqi forces attempted to stop several vehicles leaving a supposed meeting place of al-Qaida members. When the vehicles failed to comply, coalition forces exchanged gunfire with the alleged terrorists, killing four.

The fifth suspect was killed when he emerged from the building where alleged al-Qaida members were meeting.

"We will continue to target and attack their networks, degrading their
ability to attack the Iraqi people and the security forces that protect
them," said military spokeswoman Lt. Col. Maura Gillen.

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