Texas Democrats sorting out delegate mess
Mar 11,2008 00:00 by UPI

AUSTIN, Texas - The process of dividing up Texas' delegates between U.S. Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could last into the summer.

The Houston Chronicle said Tuesday that the delegate count wouldn't become official until the state Democratic convention June 5-7 in Austin, and that smaller conventions in various counties and congressional districts later this month would have an impact on the final tally.

In the recent Texas primary, Obama, D-lll., unofficially received 108 delegates to 107 for Clinton, D-N.Y.,; however about 1 million people voted in the post-primary county caucuses last week and overwhelmed the party to the point that officials quit counting those votes.

The Texas system is a two-tier approach in which two-thirds of the Lone Star State's delegates are chosen in an open primary while party loyalists who vote in the caucuses select the other one third.

State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie said last week that a motion had already been made to look into changing the process. That, too, will have to wait until the convention, he said.

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