Obama projected Mississippi winner
Mar 12,2008 00:00 by UPI

JACKSON, Miss. - Barack Obama landed another jab on Hillary Clinton Tuesday in their fight for the Democratic presidential nod, claiming victory in the Mississippi primary.

CNN, Fox News and NBC all said initial vote totals made it clear Obama would handily best Clinton for the state's 33 pledged delegates. With 74 percent of the vote counted, Obama led Clinton 58 percent to 40 percent, CNN reported.

Counting the so-called superdelegates, the win gave Obama 1,607 delegates to Clinton's 1,476 with 2,025 needed to secure the nomination, according to CNN's count.

"We are steadily making sure that in every state we are making the case for change in this country," Obama said in an interview with CNN. "Obviously, the people of Mississippi responded."

On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain of Arizona added to his delegate total with a win in Mississippi, as well, but he already has his party's nomination sewn up.

Obama told CNN his campaign has been "very measured about how we talk about Senator Clinton" to avoid tearing the party apart before the general election campaign against McCain. "Obviously, I think I'd be the better nominee," he said, while adding that if he should lose "obviously I would support her."

Still he took a dig at her: "I'm not sure we've been getting that same approach from the Clinton campaign."

Obama said he believes a fair way will be found to deal with the delegate situations in Michigan and Florida, which are being punished by national party leaders for holding their primaries earlier than allowed. "Whatever the DNC decides, we will abide by," he said.

And once the nomination battle dust settles, he said the party will be unified.

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