Gay teen faces deportation to Iran
Mar 12,2008 00:00 by UPI

LONDON - A Dutch court has refused to hear the asylum case of a gay Iranian teenager who faces deportation from Britain to an uncertain fate in Iran.

Medhdi Kazemi contends he faces likely execution in Iran where homosexuality is illegal and his lover was hanged two years ago.

The Times of London said Wednesday that Kazemi, who was in the United Kingdom on a student visa, had gone to the Netherlands after British officials refused to grant him asylum. But the Dutch court Tuesday refused to hear his case, which means he will be sent back to Britain and then, presumably, on to Iran.

Kazemi told British authorities he hadn't gone to London with the intent to stay permanently; however he was forced to seek asylum after his boyfriend named him as one of his sexual partners.

Liberal Party leaders in Parliament plan to call on the British government to halt the deportation of gay asylum seekers, the Independent reported.

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