13,000 kicker checks remain unclaimed
Mar 12,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
SALEM, Ore. — If you're waiting for a kicker check that never came, it may have been returned to the Oregon Department of Revenue because it couldn't find you.

The U.S. Postal Service returned 25,000 undeliverable kicker checks to the department. So far, only 12,000 have been claimed by their rightful owners.

"We still have almost 13,000 unclaimed kicker checks," said Department of Revenue Financial Manager Ken Ross. "We've posted on our website the names of people whose kicker checks are waiting for them."

The checks total $2.8 million.

The Oregon Department of Revenue keeps unclaimed refunds for two years. After that, Oregon law requires that the funds be transferred to the Oregon Department of State Lands' unclaimed property program. You can get your refund after two years from the state lands department.

For more information and an unclaimed refund request form, visit www.oregon.gov/DOR/PERTAX/start.shtml or call 1-800-356-4222 (toll-free from an Oregon prefix); 503-378-4988 (Salem and outside Oregon). The department's call center is very busy right now, so taxpayers may get busy signals or be on hold for extended periods.