Canadian refugee nabbed at U.S. border
Mar 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
TORONTO -- A man seeking refugee status in Canada was stopped at the U.S. border in Buffalo, N.Y., reportedly in his third attempt to get into the United States.

Guyana native Sean Osborne, 31, appeared Wednesday before a U.S. federal judge in Buffalo after being charged with carrying a false passport on Friday, the Toronto Sun reported.

Kevin Corsaro, of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told the Sun that Osborne was in a car driven by a Canadian woman who said they were going to visit friends. He said they were sent for secondary questioning and the British passport Osborne was carrying proved to be counterfeit.

"He admitted to us that he paid an unknown vendor in Toronto $1,500 for the counterfeit passport," Corsaro said.

Osborne arrived in Toronto three years ago and filed a refugee claim, which is still being reviewed, the newspaper said. However, he is also on record as having tried twice before to get into the United States -- once by boat and once on a flight, Corsaro told the Sun.

"We don't get many cases involving repeat offenders like him," he said.

Osborne is expected to be deported to Canada this week, officials said.

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