The Sacrifice
Dec 15,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Boy Searches for His True Identity and Lost Grandfather in New Fantasy Book

A young boy is suddenly uprooted from a happy life with his grandfather and cast into a cruel orphanage. There he finds a new world and discovers that he is not the ordinary boy he thought he was in Oregon author Shelley Murphy’s new book, Max Morgan the Sacrifice (now available through AuthorHouse).

Max is a 12-year-old boy who is suddenly separated from his grandfather and put into an orphanage. For the first time in his life, he must deal with cruel students, unfair teachers and deplorable living conditions. Despite the hardships, Max never gives up hope that he will one day find his grandfather and return to the happy life they had together. His two best friends, Tracie and Sam, help Max with his search.

Bizarre occurrences begin happening to Max at the orphanage, and he starts seeing and hearing things that do not exist. At first, he believes the wicked students are playing tricks on him, but he soon learns that the strange things are actually real, and the explanation is as unbelievable as the occurrences.

One day, Max and his friends are framed for something they did not do and the cruel teachers lock them away in a dark, cold basement dungeon. A bat and a raven show up to help the children, and they also share a secret about Max’s own mysterious past.

Clinging to the hope that he can leave the orphanage, Max agrees to go with the bat and raven to a place called Transfellula, but insists on bringing Tracie and Sam. Transfellula turns out to be a magical, extraordinary place where magical creatures wander the ground and students dematerialize, start fires in their hands and perform other astounding talents. Beneath the friendly atmosphere of the land, sinister secrets of the underworld appear from time to time.

Max does not know his true identity, but the dark side knows of his abilities and will stop at nothing to steal him from everything he has ever known. For the safety of himself and Transfellula, Max must make the ultimate sacrifice and temporarily return to the ordinary world. He continues to suffer never-ending torments at the orphanage, but discovers that this institution holds terrible secrets of its own.

About the author:

Murphy is a wife and mother and works both on her ranch in Pendleton, Oregon, and in her foster home. She loves animals, and spends much of her time in the barnyard with her five horses and seven dogs. It was in the barn that she began developing the Max Morgan stories in her head. When she discovered that her youngest son had no desire to learn how to read, she decided to write her story down to help give him the joy of reading. Max Morgan the Sacrifice is the first of three books planned in the Max Morgan series.