Three missing after crane collapse
Mar 17,2008 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK - Two construction workers and a woman were still missing Sunday, the day after a large crane toppled in Manhattan, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The mayor said the three missing individuals were thought to have been in one of the buildings crushed by the collapsing crane Saturday, adding emergency workers were combing the site for any signs of life, The New York Times reported.

The crane's impact on adjacent buildings left the area strewn with wreckage that could be hiding potential survivors or additional fatalities.

Patricia Lancaster, the city buildings commissioner, said that the lower section of the crane was being dismantled so that rubble underneath could be searched. A 130-foot upper section is leaning against a 19-story building, and Lancaster said getting it down would be "delicate and meticulous."

Witnesses said the crane, which was nearly 22 stories tall, fell after breaking away from its anchors. It smashed into a nearby 19-story apartment building. At least six buildings reportedly were damaged.

The Fire Department told the Times four people were killed and 24 people were injured.

Bloomberg said the crane had just passed a Building Department inspection and all related procedures had been followed on site.

"As far as we can tell all procedures that were called for appear to have been followed," the mayor said.

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