Take a KwikPeek, it lasts longer
Dec 15,2006 00:00 by Linda Pescatore

Small, battery-operated wireless cameras are handy for monitoring areas around the house where access to electricity may be limited -- such as driveways, attics and near entry doors -- but with an average battery life span of just 10 hours, they can run out of power too quickly to be of use.


POWER-SAVING RANGER - With a range of more than 300 feet and a battery life of several months, KwikPeek wireless cameras allow you to monitor driveways, large yards and other areas far from AC power sources. CNS Photo courtesy of Wireless Imaging.

The KwikPeek wireless remote camera uses patented technology to operate in standby mode for months, not hours, on a pair of AA batteries, according to the manufacturer, Wireless Imaging of Lino Lakes, Minn. The system further conserves power by turning itself off after an adjustable, preset time up to five minutes. The system can also run on included AC adapters.

Because they require no special wiring, wireless systems can be set up in minutes. The camera resides in weather-resistant housing, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

KwikPeek allows you to operate as many as four cameras on one system, and can send color video and audio through floors and walls to any television up to 300 feet away, according to Wireless Imaging. You turn the cameras on and off and using a long-range, hand-held remote control. The adjustable lenses let you focus on near or far objects.

Because it also offers an optional hand-held, battery-operated receiver, the KwikPeek system can be completely portable, unlike most other systems that require either the camera or the receiver to be plugged into an AC outlet, according to the company.

KwikPeek one-camera systems cost $199 and up. To order call 800-676-3402 or visit www.wirelessimaging.com.

KwikPeek one-camera systems cost $199 and up. To order call 800-676-3402 or visit www.wirelessimaging.com.


Candles used to be straightforward commodities that simply provided light. Now that we can get light by flipping a switch, candles have waxed to become multipurpose, multisensory experiences.

Colorfusion candles from The Schawbel Corp. combine the expected qualities of candles - fragrances, decorations, unusual shapes - with the unexpected, including a continually changing light show, Christmas carols, "relaxation sounds" and flameless varieties.

Along with a choice of seasonal scents, the candles come loaded with replaceable AAA batteries that power the silent, mesmerizing light show that cycles through a kaleidoscope of red, purple, blue, green and yellow, that radiates from the bottom of the candle. A hold button allows you to freeze on a favorite color. Flameless models also let you opt for a flickering effect that creates the illusion that the candle is lighted without worrying about the danger of an open flame.

The company's Colorfusion Festival candles feature holiday-themed decorations, including a jolly snowman, St. Nick, fir trees and red and gold stripes for Christmas, and skulls and jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween. Controls on the bottom let you play Christmas carols or a spooky Halloween soundtrack, letting you stop, start, change the tune or adjust the volume.

Vanilla-scented Spa Deluxe candles have a similar feature that lets you choose between various nature sounds - babbling brooks, rain and thunder, and morning birds, among others - or a variety of relaxation sounds, such as wind chimes, "bonsai garden" and "Zen escape."

Schawbel also makes small flameless tea lights and lighted candleholders.
Most Colorfusion candles are available for $10 at drugstores, mass merchandisers and home stores. Festival Christmas candles are $13.

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