Poll sees women facing tougher campaign
Mar 19,2008 00:00 by UPI
NEW YORK -- A poll on race, gender and politics in the United States indicates a slight majority say a woman running for president faces more obstacles than a black man.

The CBS News poll released Wednesday found 39 percent of U.S. voters say a woman faces a tougher challenge than a black candidate. However, 42 percent agreed racism is a "serious problem" in the United States compared to 10 percent who felt that way about sexism.

CBS News said in a written statement the findings of the survey indicated, "There continue to be differences in how voters judge their own voting instincts and the instincts of other Americans." For example, 6 percent of whites said that with all things being equal, they preferred a white candidate while 34 percent said most people would not vote for a black candidate.

In addition, while 62 percent of all voters said America is ready for a black president, only half of the African-Americans surveyed agreed.

The telephone poll was conducted March 15-18 and surveyed 1, 067 adults nationwide. The error margin was 3 percentage points.

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