Wilsonville battles graffiti problem
Mar 21,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
WILSONVILLE, Ore ---The City of Wilsonville is asking citizens to call the Public Works Department at 503-682-4092 if they notice any defacement of property by aerosol paint or other device capable of leaving a mark.

Citizens should call Public Works to report graffiti on private or public property and to find out what products and methods are successful in cleaning up graffiti. Information on reporting graffiti is also available at www.ci.wilsonville.or.us.

The city is developing an anti-graffiti ordinance that will establish a timeline for citizens and business owners to remove graffiti from their property. The timeline for citizens to remove graffiti is 72 hours, unless good cause is shown. If the owner does not comply with the ordinance the city may remove the graffiti at the citizens or business owner's expense.

"Our goal is to develop an ordinance that is fair to citizens and business owners," said Mayor Charlotte Lehan. "We are responding rapidly to graffiti on public property, fully enforcing the law to require the perpetrator to remove the graffiti or give restitution and helping property owners with graffiti removal, sometimes at no cost."

According to Lehan, allowing graffiti to remain on property negatively affects quality of life and leads to a growing sense of decay and disrespect for the environment. The longer the graffiti is displayed the more attention the vandal gets and its likely more graffiti will appear.

The city's legal department will work on the Anti-Graffiti Ordinance 645 over the next several weeks and will provide an updated version at the April 7 City Council meeting.