Young voters share politics via Internet
Mar 27,2008 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK - Young politically minded Americans, in a new twist on the oldest tool in politics -- word of mouth -- have become both consumers and conduits for news.

Interviews and surveys indicate younger voters are replacing newspaper accounts with Internet accounts, adopting a social filter for keeping up with current events, sending out Internet links and videos to friends and social networks, The New York Times said Thursday. In return, they expect to hear back from their friends.

Young people view online discussions and videos as important sources of election information.

With a galvanizing election and young voters with a new way of taking part, fully two-thirds of voters under 30 say they use social networking sites, a Pew Research survey indicates. Fewer than 20 percent of older users do.

The Times says sites such as MySpace and Facebook create a sense of connection to the candidates.

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