New Bend Fire Department ambulances begin service
Mar 31,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The City of Bend Fire Department placed the first two new ambulances into service Saturday, March 29.  The new ambulances replaced units that are 13 to 15-years old and approaching 200,000 miles.  The older units provided the city with years of reliable service but are experiencing an increase in maintenance costs and time out of service for major repairs.  Parts for the older ambulances have also become difficult to secure.

The fire department's new ambulances are red, versus traditional white. Braun NW photo. 

The new ambulances were built in Chehalis, Washington by Braun Northwest, Inc., and cost about $226,000 each.  Financing for the purchase was made by use of Full, Faith and Credit Bonds and will be repaid by the Fire Department operating budget. 

The new ambulances are red in color, rather than the more traditional white, to emphasize the fact that medical transport services in this community are provided by the City of Bend Fire Department.

The new ambulances will be fueled with “B5” Bio-Diesel in cooperation with the Fleet Services Division of the City of Bend Public Works Department.  The choice for utilization of Bio-diesel was made for several reasons including environmental impact, lubrication properties, and air quality inside the stations.