Hamas propaganda hints at dejected peace
Apr 01,2008 00:00 by UPI
JERUSALEM -- The increasingly radical nature of sermons and media reports from Hamas overshadow the prospects of reaching a common ground with Israel, analysts say.

The official Hamas media network, al-Aksa, runs several programs and sermons that some say serve to indoctrinate young Palestinians to radical Islamic positions.

The combination of political rhetoric invoking historical Palestine, calls for military resistance against Israel while advocating social programs suggests a irreconcilable division between Israelis and Palestinians, The New York Times said Tuesday.

Some critics point to increasingly firebrand Friday sermons calling the Israelis "brothers of apes and pigs" and the puppet characters on the Hamas children's program, "Tomorrow's Pioneers," which various media reports Tuesday said were shown killing U.S. President George Bush, do nothing to encourage a sustainable peace with Israel, the Times said.

But Hazim al-Sharawi, a host of "Tomorrow's Pioneers," said the intent is to express the reality of Palestinian life in a language children understand.

"We want to connect the child to Palestine, to his country, so you know that your original city is Jaffa, your capital is Jerusalem and that the Jews took your land and closed your borders and are killing your friends and family," Sharawi told the Times.

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