Redmond, Madras, Dufur excel in March 28-30 OHSET meet
Apr 04,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The results are in from the second meet of 2008 for the Central District of the Oregon High School Equestrian Teams (OHSET) held March 28-30 in the Hooker Creek ArenA at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon.

Chrystal Bates, La Pine, placed 2nd in In Hand Trail - photo by Kathy Russell 
Courtney George, Mountain View placed 3rd in Showmanship and 6th in Stockseat equitation - photo by Kathy Russell
Alena Hoyer, Bend, rushing for the cattle in team penning with teammates Kymala Lovisone and Christa Beezley. This team placed 9th at the 2nd 2008 OHSET meet - photo by Kathy Russell 
Emily Pickering, La Pine placed 1st in Poles, 4th in Barrels, 6th Individual Flags, 3rd in Figure 8, 2nd in Keyhole - photo by Kim Russell

Redmond, Madras and Dufur took home first place team honors in the large, medium, and small team divisions.

The third meet is scheduled for April 10-12, also at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, with year-end awards slated for April 13, Kathy Russell, media representative for the Central District said. The exact time and location of the year-end event has not yet been set, but will be open to the public, Russell added.

Large team results

Redmond 674

Mtn View 508

Sisters 476

Medium team results:

Madras 367

The Dalles/Wahtonka Union 349

La Pine 291

Bend 264

Crook 127

Small team results:

Dufur 319

Lakeview 140

Paisley 60

Pendleton 50

Hood River 39

Summit 23

Individual events:


1st Allegra Keith, Bend

2nd Courtney Acarregui, Sisters

3rd Sarah Ferrer, The Dalles/Wahtonka (TDWU)

Hunt Seat over Fences:

1st Courtney Acarregui, Sisters

2nd Melanie Gibson, Mountain View

3rd Katie Linton, Lakeview

Hunt Seat Equitation:

1st Courtney Thomas, Mountain View

2nd Katie Linton, Lakeview

3rd Casey Porter, Summit

Saddle Seat Equitation:

1st Ransom Hayden, Redmond

2nd Courtney Acarregui, Sisters

3rd Courtney George, Mountain View

In Hand Trail:

1st Sarah Madison, Crook

2nd Chrystal Bates, La Pine

3rd Courtney Acarregui, Sisters


1st Jennifer Ashley, Sisters

2nd Shelby Ross, Sisters

3rd Michael Hopp, Sisters

Stock Seat Equitation:

1st Courtney Thomas, Mountain View

2nd Jennifer Ashley, Sisters

3rd Jennifer Willey, Mountain View


1st Allegra Keith, Bend

2nd Ransom Hayden, Redmond

3rd Trisha Olson, Mountain View

Working Rancher:

1st Emily Tuma, Mountain View

2nd Casey Long, Redmond

3rd Rheanna Stott, Redmond


1st Brittney Turner, Dufur

2nd Lindsey Bernbaum, Dufur

3rd Sarah Ferrer, TDWU


1st Jennifer Willey, Mountain View

2nd Sarah Ferrer, TDWU

3rd Courtney George, Mountain View

Break-Away Roping:

1st Casey Long, Redmond

2nd Ailee Aschoff, Dufur

3rd Colton Steinke, Redmond

Steer Daubing:

1st Colton Steinke, Redmond

2nd Kaylee Patterson, Madras

3rd Shelby Henry, Redmond


1st Shelby Nordman, Redmond, 14.74, new district record

Tie 2nd Karlee Markham, Mountain View & Jessica Wood, Redmond 14.860

4th Emily Pickering, La Pine, 14.940


1st Emily Pickering, La Pine, 21.410

2nd Kayleen Urbach, Madras, 22.070

3rd Shelby Nordman, Redmond, 22.110

Figure 8:

1st Shelby Nordman, Redmond, 10.380, new district record

2nd Kayleen Urbach, Madras, 10.760

3rd Emily Pickering, La Pine, 11.010

Individual Flags:

1st Kayleen Urbach, Madras, 10.230

2nd Sydney Stelzer, TDWU, 10.480

3rd Christina Holler, Sisters, 10.820


1st Ransom Hayden, Redmond, 7.690

2nd Emily Pickering, La Pine, 7.820

3rd Samantha Marsh, La Pine 8.100

Team Events:

In Hand Obstacle Relay (IHOR)

1st Sisters, Michael Hopp, Courtney Acarregui, JJ Ashley, Shelby,

2nd TDWU, Sarah Ferrer, Samantha Hege, Sydney Stelzer, Bailey Maxwell

3rd Bend, Kymala Lovisone, Christa Beezley, Allegra Keith, Laura Russell, Alena Hoyer

Working Pairs:

1st Lindsey Bernbaum & Brittney Turner, Dufur

2nd Sarah Ferrer & Samantha Hege, TDWU

3rd Alena Hoyer & Krysta Hakkila, Bend

Working 4’s Drill:

1st Redmond- Ransom Hayden, Shelby Henry, Brittney Fraker, Hennessey Sloter

2nd Dufur-Lindsey Bernbaum, Ashley Dill, Brittney Turner, Cora Edrich

Short Program Drill:

1st Sisters-Jenna Jacobsen, Leslee Zenich, Christina Holler, Michael Hopp, Awbrey Cyrus, Taryn Gates, Jessica Snow

2nd Mountain View- Karlie Crew, Cheyenne Hatfield, Courtney Thomas, Kyia Sell, Sarah MacWhorter, Mackenzie Hughes, Sarah Peterson

3rd TDWU- Samantha Hege, Bailey Maxwell, Sydney Stelzer, Sarah Ferrer, Caroline Copper, Kayla Coulter, Lori Moore

Team Penning:

1st Redmond Team D-Ransom Hayden, Shelby Henry, Hennessey Sloter

2nd Sisters Team C-Mackenzie Gellings, Jenna Jacobsen, Courtney Acarregui

3rd La Pine Team A-Emily Pickering, Samantha Marsh, Kristen Russell

Canadian Flags:

1st Mountain View Team C:  Krystal Brix, Courtney Thomas, Karlee Markham, Laurie MacWhorter, 38.73

2nd TDWU Team A:  Sarah Ferrer, Samantha Hege, Sydney Stelzer, Lori Moore, 39.50

3rd Redmond Team C:  Christa Clark, Shelby Henry, Colton Steinke, Rheanna Stott, 40.50


1st Madras Team B-Kayleen Urbach & Adrianne Wagner, 26.30

2nd Redmond Team A- Shelby Nordman & Jessica Wood, 26.36

3rd Mountain View Team F- Courtney Thomas & Karlee Markham, 27.39