FYI Travel: Web site helps Greenland travelers break the ice
Apr 01,2008 00:00 by Tom_Roebuck

Long the sovereign domain of arctic explorers and hardcore adventure trekkers, Greenland abounds with the cracking sounds of calving glaciers, treks beside behemoth ice flows and visits to Inuit villages. recently launched an interactive educational Web site featuring two new travel packages that meld arctic authenticity with convenience and capitalize on Air Greenland's five-hour connection from Baltimore to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, that started last year. This summer Air Greenland will operate flights every Thursday from June 26 to Aug. 28.

EXPLORE GREENLAND - Long a favorite of arctic explorers and hardcore adventure trekkers, Greenland abounds with natural wonder to explore, from calving glaciers to behemoth ice flows and Inuit villages to visit. CNS Photo. 
GLACIER TOURS - New tour packages include trekking to the Eqi glacier and a helicopter tour of the world-famous Kangia glacier. CNS Photo. 

The eight-day Icefjord and Arctic Capital package features the towns of Nuuk and Ilulissat. There are options to visit the Eqi glacier and take a helicopter tour of the world-famous Kangia glacier. Among the highlights of the trip is a two-night cruise on Disko Bay, a playground for seals and whales, with calls at several settlements, and a trip to Greenland's capital Nuuk where humpbacks sightings and Inuit handicrafts take center stage. Accommodation is at fine properties including the environmentally friendly Hotel Arctic and Hotels Hans Egede. The price per person, based on double occupancy, starts at $5,980 and includes round-trip air from Baltimore, intra-Greenland flights, a two-night cruise, guiding, hiking to Sermermiut and some meals.

Options on the eight-day Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq package include helicopter tours, ice climbing and caving, rugged mountain biking, backcountry hiking, musk ox safaris, kayaking, heli-skiing, cross-country and downhill skiing. Accommodation is at the environmentally friendly Hotel Arctic with stunning views of iceberg floes and the Hotel Kangerlussuaq. The price per person, based on double occupancy starts at $4,490, including round-trip air from Baltimore, intra-Greenland flights, accommodations, guides and some meals.

FYI: For brochures or more information about Air Greenland, visit or call 877-245-0739.


Wanderlust Tours in central Oregon will offer its newest canoe experience, Starlight Canoe Tours, daily June through October from 8 p.m. to midnight. Different from Wanderlust's signature Moonlight Canoe Tours, which are offered only during the full moon, Starlight Canoe Tours are available every night and celebrate the light of central Oregon's starry sky from the elevation and darkness of the High Cascade Lakes.

Paddling with Wanderlust Tours' renowned naturalist guides, participants will get away from the light of the city, learn about the constellations, watch for shooting stars and listen for the hush of the nighttime forest surrounding the lakes. Guests will also be served hot drinks and locally baked desserts on the shore of the lake during the tour.

All tours are led by professional naturalist guides, who bring the area alive with vibrant natural and cultural history interpretation. Starlight Canoe Tours include transportation, canoe equipment and instruction, guide, hot drinks and dessert for $65 per person. No prior canoeing experience is necessary.

FYI: For information and reservations, call 800-962-2862 or visit


The BritRail Central Scotland Pass is a new rail pass option that allows travelers to explore Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, and its "second city," Glasgow, along with the surrounding area for one flat fare. You might choose to base yourself in either city, travel between the two and visit nearby tourist destinations like Stirling as many times as you like on any three days during a one-week period. The BritRail Central Scotland Pass also includes free travel on Glasgow's Underground trains. The cost is just $84 for standard-class travel.

For travelers wanting more than just a brief taste of Scotland, the BritRail Scottish Freedom Pass is still on tap. For either four days within an eight-day period or eight days within 15, this popular multimodal product opens all of Scotland to you: rail routes throughout this spectacularly beautiful country and many local buses and ferries allow you to get off the beaten track and find your inner Scot. It's all included at $247 for four days, or $331 for eight days of standard-class travel.

Interested in exploring your Celtic connections? The BritRail Pass Ireland is made for you. In addition to all the benefits of the BritRail Pass - unlimited rail travel in England, Scotland and Wales - you also have access to the Irish Rail system throughout the island of Ireland - north and south. You can choose to explore on any five days or any 10 days within a month.

If you'd like to experience a leisurely ferry crossing of the Irish Sea, BritRail can also sell you a one-way ferry ticket for $47. BritRail Pass Ireland prices start at $407 for the five-day travel option.

For additional information on these and other eco-friendly travel options go to or call 866-BRITRAIL.

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