Collapsed-lung beating victim sent home
Apr 02,2008 00:00 by UPI
CALGARY, Alberta -- A mugging victim has begun the complaint process against a Calgary, Alberta, hospital for discharging him with a collapsed lung.

Doug Faure, 52, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., he waited for 10 hours in the busy emergency department waiting room of the Peter Lougheed Hospital on March 19 after he been beaten and kicked by five unknown men.

He said doctors told him he had bruised ribs, gave him painkillers and sent him home.

His wife, Bev Brooks, told the CBC that three days later Faure passed out from pain and was rushed to the Foothills Hospital. He was admitted and diagnosed as having a collapsed lung, several broken ribs and a lacerated spleen, the report said.

Faure was still in the hospital Tuesday and told the CBC his written complaint against the first hospital would be finished by Wednesday.

He also said he wasn't robbed, didn't know the men and didn't know of any motive. Police said they had very few leads, as the attack wasn't reported until nine days afterward.

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