Safety review prompts probe of 4 airlines
Apr 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- Four U.S. airlines are being investigated for failing to meet federal safety orders, said officials who this week released audit findings of several airlines.

Southwest, Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines have grounded dozens of planes and called off hundreds of flights for safety checks and adjustments, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Maintenance issues and insufficient government regulations found in March at Southwest Airlines prompted the review of dozens of U.S. airlines, officials said.

Along with airline safety regulation crack downs, the Federal Aviation Administration is working to conclude 75 out of 2,000 investigations of students accused of using unlawful aviation mechanic certifications to land important jobs in the aviation business, USA Today reported.

There are only a "handful" of suspected students who haven't been found since the investigation began in 1999, FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown told the newspaper. The mechanics were suspected in line with a federal prosecution of St. George Aviation, the Florida institution that gave out the certificates.

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