Large Greek bombing suspected mob-related
Apr 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
ELEFSINA, Greece -- Police in the Greek city of Elefsina said a massive bomb that damaged 30 buildings was suspected of being tied to organized protection rackets.

Forensic officers said the blast that shook the city early Wednesday was created by more than 40 pounds of dynamite detonated with a slow-burning fuse, the Kathimerini newspaper reported Thursday.

Police were aware of a turf war by rival protection rackets in the city west of Athens as a similar bombing targeted the same cafeteria in 2003, the report said. Six people were arrested in connection with that blast.

A security guard who spotted the bomb just before it exploded escaped just before it exploded but a policeman guarding a woman in the witness protection program nearby suffered minor injuries, police said.

"The explosion was more like an earthquake. It has damaged shops within a radius of three to four blocks," a resident told a Greek radio station.

Some 20 parked cars were also destroyed or badly damaged, the report said.

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