Book Review: ‘Blue Star – The True Story of One Man’s Spiritual Awakening and Vision Quest’
Apr 04,2008 00:00 by Ann Mellon - CNS

"Blue Star: The True Story of One Man's Spiritual Awakening and Vision Quest" by Robert Harding; Cronos Press; 188 pages; $13.

This supernova of a book chronicles the true experiences of a man intent on believing and trusting his intuition as he lives out his spiritual journey.

'BLUE STAR' - 'Blue Star' by Robert Harding chronicles the true experiences of a man intent on believing and trusting his intuition as he lives out his spiritual journey. CNS Photo. 

His "Vision Quest" takes him from his London home to places throughout the United States where the people he meets, places he goes and things he experiences all point him in one direction ... he finds himself with the Hopi where connections with the physical and spiritual world prove undeniable.

"I have no professional accomplishments/qualifications at all - unless you consider surviving in the world of selling packaging materials for 33 years an achievement," Harding says. He quit his job and sold his apartment, knowing within that he was accepting his own invitation to follow his heart.

Harding met Rainbow Eagle, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, through a friend he had met along the way. It was he who told Harding that he would go on a Vision Quest to "find himself" in Hopi Land "where what was meant to be would be." Harding was flying high after hearing this from such a revered man as Rainbow Eagle, a "Wisdom Keeper."

Harding explains, "What I hope people will take from this book may differ from what some may choose to conclude. But when it comes down to it, we are all a part of a Divine Plan. This book is simply my account of personal discovery and my failure to heed to a life of normalcy."

"Blue Star" shines a light on the vast terrain of extraordinary spiritual encounters and reminds us that there are powerful, life-changing moments awaiting our awareness. In the same breath, it whispers the truth that heals the mindful spirit and delves into the depths of the ancient Hopi prophecies.

A testament to the electric waves of synchronicity, "Blue Star" is a work that is best savored slowly. Carl Jung and his collective unconscious would have a great time with this one!

Harding shares his visions, his gift of healing, his surprising experiences and his circle of friends in a way that nudges us to join in the fun albeit hard work of changing the world into a more peaceful place. "You, sir, you're going to change the world," one clairvoyant told him.

"When I look at the daily headlines and see the way mankind is performing, I am left with no doubt at all that there is much spiritual work to be done," Harding says.

"Blue Star" is an evocative catalyst for change and a reminder that we have the power within us to do so.

- Ann Mellon