UK plane turns back for emergency landing
Apr 07,2008 00:00 by UPI
ATHENS, Greece -- An easyJet flight traveling from Greece to Britain was required to turn around because of a "technical problem," airline officials said.

Flight EZY 2002 left for Luton, England, Sunday about 11 p.m. with 119 passengers and landed back in Athens at 40 minutes later, the Daily Telegraph (Britain) reported Monday.

The Boeing 737 reportedly had to dump the majority of its fuel and make an emergency landing after a "technical problem" was found in one of its engines.

"The flight returned from airborne due to a technical problem and passengers who wanted to were transferred to the next available flight to Gatwick 40 minutes later. We don't know the nature of the technical problem yet but our engineers are investigating," an easyJet spokeswoman said.

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