Fire out in Saskatchewan derailment
Apr 08,2008 00:00 by UPI
RALPH, Saskatchewan -- Clean-up began of a three-train derailment in southeastern Saskatchewan Tuesday after firefighters let a blaze burn itself out.

Black smoke was visible for miles after the Monday morning accident involving three CP Rail trains outside the town of Ralph, the Regina Leader-Post reported Tuesday.

There were no serious injuries, but several crew members were taken to a hospital for observation, Weyburn Fire Department Chief Denis Pilon told reporters.

As many as 14 cars toppled off the tracks, including tankers carrying dinitrogen tetroxide, which is used as a rocket propellant, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. Firefighters decided to let a fire near one of the cars carrying ethylene glycol burn itself out rather than risk lives by getting too close. That chemical is used to make anti-freeze, police said.

Pilon said one train had stopped to allow an oncoming train pass on a siding. The stopped train was then rear-ended, and cars fell over, knocking cars on the siding off in domino fashion, he said.

Federal investigators were expected at the site Tuesday, police said.

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