Canadians want military flag protocol
Apr 09,2008 00:00 by UPI
OTTAWA -- Two-thirds of Canadians polled disagree with the Conservative government and want flags lowered in Ottawa each time a Canadian soldier is killed overseas.

An Ipsos-Reid telephone poll of 1,021 adults Friday through Monday found 66 percent support for lowering the flag on the Parliament building's Peace Tower to honor each soldier's death, the Ottawa Citizen reported Wednesday.

The issue arose last week when three opposition parties voted down the minority Conservative government on a resolution to lower the flag. However, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government said it will ignore the vote and refuses to lower the flag for each death.

Recently, a federal advisory committee recommended the flag be routinely lowered only once a year, on the Nov. 11 observation of Remembrance Day.

Since 2002, 82 Canadian soldiers and a diplomat have died in the NATO Afghanistan mission.

The poll had a 3.1 percent margin of error, the report said.

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