Colleges face declining yearbook sales
Apr 09,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- Virginia Wesleyan College says it is joining a growing number of schools that are ending or curtailing production of yearbooks.

A spokeswoman for the college says Virginia Wesleyan decided to stop publishing a yearbook after a thorough study by a student group found the decline in yearbook sales is a national trend, The Washington Times reported Wednesday.

"Social networks allow them to build their own books on a daily basis," says Rebecca Desjardins, director of communications at Virginia Wesleyan.

Yearbook sales have been declining since the mid-1980s but the final nail in their coffin was technology, the newspaper says.

"Students feel like they're recording their own history already; they don't need anyone else to do it for them," says Lori Brooks, yearbook chair for College Media Advisers Inc. and director of the University of Oklahoma's yearbook.

Brooks says universities that drop their yearbook program will lament the loss of history in years to come.

"It's like your institutional history just stops when your yearbook dies," says Brooks.

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