Clinton says she's only one with war plan
Apr 10,2008 00:00 by UPI
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., says she's the only presidential candidate offering a real plan to end the war in Iraq.

Stumping in Pennsylvania, Clinton took aim at both presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Democratic competitor, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

"One candidate will continue the war, one candidate only says he'll end the war, and one candidate is ready, willing and able to end the war," she said.

Clinton said Obama "says he'll end the war" while his top foreign policy adviser -- no longer with the campaign -- indicated he wouldn't necessarily follow the plan outlined on the campaign trail.

"(You) can count on me to end the war safely and responsibly," Clinton said.

Clinton called on President George Bush to answer questions she said were ignored during testimony by Army Gen. David Petraeus.

"I asked General Petraeus for the conditions under which he would actually support a change of course in Iraq and to begin a drawdown of our troops, given that the surge has failed to achieve its stated goal of political reconciliation among the Iraqis," she said. "Well, he didn't really answer me."

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