Students post attack on teacher on MySpace
Apr 11,2008 00:00 by UPI
BALTIMORE -- An attack on a teacher in a Baltimore high school ended up on MySpace, triggering a debate about how to deal with student violence.

Jolita Berry, an art teacher at Reginald Lewis High School, said she was told by her principal that she helped escalate the situation by using "trigger" words, The Baltimore Sun reported. Berry said that when a girl approached her instead of sitting down, and threatened to "bang" her, she told the student she would defend herself if she was hit.

In the end, the girl hit Berry as other students cheered.

Berry had been teaching at Reginald Lewis since December. She said she believes she had good training for the job.

"These students are so unpredictable and so nothing really prepares you for that" she said.

Nancy Grasmick, the state school superintendent, plans to hold a summit conference on school violence.

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